Undress me


Brasov International Book Fair-03/25/2011

Strip away these, the colours of misery and cold. Undress me slowly. I’ll fear standing there, bare, in front of you; so strip them one at a time, take one after the other. Take your time. We have time, we have all the time you might ever need. You don’t know where to begin, do you? Begin with the one that overwhelms: black. I don’t like how I look in black; my skin is much too fair for it… You will need to be patient, there’s a lot more of it than you might ever imagine… People dressed me like that every time they had the chance… and I… I was much too weak to resist. And after you’re done with black, move on to the grey. The gray wasn’t their fault, it was mine. I was the one that chose to dress like this. But now it’s done, I’ll shed off the grey, it’s much too gloomy, and I’m tired of being sad. On to the brown. The years’ four, empty autumns dressed me like that. But now it’s summer and brown has no place in this season. We come to the blue and the violet in which I was dressed by every door closed to me, ever rejection. But now I have the key and the strength to open them, and I don’t need their colors anymore. And then green, the last one – the one for each and every unanswered question. I now have every answer I ever needed, so you can go ahead and strip green off too. Slowly. Carefully… And now silence. You. Me. Completely bare. Dress me. Dress me and paint me in warm colors that smell of happiness and of… you. Start with white. Yes, a lot of white. I like it, it’s bright and it reminds me of the stars that night. Now paint me in sunrise, yellow, pink and orange, I want it all, doesn’t matter which one goes first, doesn’t matter what shade they are, how much you use. Throw them all on me, throw them all in the most orderly chaos of colors, feelings and memories. And now, for the last one, the most important. Dress me up in the color of love – dress me in red. Paint it slowly. Take the time. Revel in stroke of your heart’s brush upon my skin of sunrise and summer. Draw. Anything you can think of. Draw a sun on my shoulder; whose rays stretch over my back and my chest. Draw a heart in my palm. Draw the waves of the sea on my legs. And when you’re done, sign your name on my hand.

I now belong to you.


~ de cenaclulliterareuropean pe aprilie 9, 2011.

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